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Jonathan Stack and HCD Media Group have been telling stories about life in Louisiana’s infamous, Angola Prison for over 15 years. During this time we’ve built a unique relationship that has resulted in numerous awards, including a Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, two Academy Award nominations and multiple Emmys. We’ve produced and directed close to 10 films and over 20 hours of television for the major networks including The Discovery ChannelNational Geographic and most recently Animal Planet. The Ford Foundation has supported our nationwide campaign to build a dialogue around issues of criminal justice. Our work has been seen in over 100 countries as we have consistently sought, not only to reveal the complex nature of prison life, but to tell powerful and engaging stories.

We now return with what we believe is the most important film ever. In May 2012, we were back in Angola to film the first ever prison acted, prison directed production of Christ’s Passion Play. CAST THE FIRST STONE is a powerful emotional journey that not only deepens our understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ but uses these teachings to deepen our understanding of incarceration.

In the past we’ve sought support from broadcasters and foundations to make our movies. This is the first time we’re reaching out to people like yourself. Our dream is not only make a film, but build on the spirit of the film to create a community.

So please take the time to watch the clips and read the materials. Reach out to us with any questions or comments. Yes, we need your support. Our top priority is to raise money, but we’re also counting on a community to create awareness and build an audience.

We’re on a special path. We hope you’ll find a way to come along for the ride.

Thank you for your interest & support.

David B. Deniger – Executive Producer

Jonathan Stack – Director/Producer

Alyson Feaster  – Associate Producer

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